Junior Tennis Programs

Little Juniors Tennis Camp


Ages 4-11

These four-day camps are a great opportunity for players to learn and perfect the strokes needed to play tennis. Campers will be playing by the end of the camp.

Advanced Junior Tennis Camp

Tournament Tough

Ages 10 - 18 years

This four day camp is all about high intensity tennis training. The camp has a three hour session in the morning focusing on stroke, strategies, and fitness, which is followed by an hour and a half session of match play. This camp is for tournament players and players preparing to play tournaments.

Junior Tennis Clinics

Lil' Aces

Ages 4 - 6 years
A fun introduction to the basic skills needed in tennis. Will utilize “RED low-compression” balls, smaller nets and smaller court.  Goal: Get them interested in the great sport of tennis!


Ages 7 - 10 years
This is a program for beginners to advanced beginners with a great deal of emphasis on stroke production/grips, the rules and scoring. Will utilize the “ORANGE low-compression” balls and focus on learning to rally. Goal: Fun with tennis working on all the strokes!

Tournament Tough

Ages 10 - 18 years (see pros for placement)
This group is a serious group of players looking for an intense workout focusing on a lot of hitting, strategy, and footwork. These players are looking to advance their game as far as thy can! Goal: Be tournament tough!