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Membership FAQs

How many members does The Peninsula Club have?

We have approximately 850 members. Our capacity for the Full Membership category is 450.

Who owns The Peninsula Club?

The club is privately owned by the members.

Do you have to live in The Peninsula to be a member?

No, you do not have to live in the Peninsula Community to be a member of The Peninsula Club.

Do you need to have a member sponsor or
know a member to enroll in membership?

Membership at The Peninsula Club does require approval from our Board of Directors and Membership Committee. We do ask for 3 references and a member sponsor. However, if someone is new to the area, The Club will help by introducing you to members and help ensure compatibility before the application process.

Are there activities for members who do not play golf?

Yes, The Peninsula Club is a full-service country club offering a wide variety of activities and social events from tennis and fitness to swimming and children’s activities.

May we bring guests to the club and if so, what is the policy?

The Club’s guest policy states that a member may allow “houseguests” to use The Club when they are visiting. You must register your “houseguest” with the Membership Office and have guest passes. If a member would like to bring a guest to The Club who is not a “houseguest” (i.e. a neighbor, family or friend living locally), applicable guest fees would apply for tennis or pool use.

A full or sports member can sponsor accompanied or unaccompanied guests on the golf course at the appropriate guest rates. Accompanied golf guest packages are available.

Who designed the golf course?

Rees Jones designed the golf course. In the spring of 2007, with the help of Rees Jones, the golf course bunkers were renovated and redesigned. In the summer of 2012, the club shifted to Champion Bermuda Greens.

Can a membership transfer with a property sale?

Some of the original “Equity Refundable” memberships are transferable. All memberships transferred with a property must be handled through The Club according to transfer procedures.

Please contact [email protected] with questions.

Can a previous member reapply for membership?

Yes, if a member has resigned in good standing from The Club in the past, they can reapply for a new membership in the future.

How many rounds of golf on average
are played at The Club per year?

We average approximately 33,000 rounds a year on the course.

What is the gratuity policy at The Club?

The Peninsula Club is a non-tipping club.