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Guest Information


Golf Course Dress Code

Blue jeans, tee shirts, tennis apparel, swimwear, gym (workout) apparel and cut-off shorts are prohibited.

Men | Slacks or Bermuda shorts no more than 4 inches from the knee. No cut-offs and no denim. Shirts with sleeves and collars; no tank tops. Proper golf attire (e.g. men should wear collared shirts and women’s shirts should have either collar or sleeves) must be worn at all times on the golf course, practice area and putting green.

Women | Slacks or Bermuda shorts. No cut-offs, denim or short-shorts. Appropriate blouse or shirt; no halter tops.

Dining Dress Code and Cell Phone Policy

Please note: The dress code for the upstairs Dining Areas have been updated.

1. Members and their guests are expected to dress appropriately at all times when on Club property and utilizing Club Facilities. As a general rule, if you need to ask if attire is appropriate, it probably is not.
2. Veranda Bar, Lakeview Terrace and Reserve Room: Smart Casual attire. Athletic shorts and tee shirts are inappropriate. Open toe shoes are not appropriate for men.
3. Mulligan's and Patio Area: Club Casual. Tennis and golf apparel are appropriate.
4. After strenuous activity, members are required to make an attire change prior to dining in the upper level.
5. Bathing suits are prohibited anywhere in the clubhouse. 
6. The decision of management will be final in determining the appropriateness of garments worn.

Cell Phone Reminder:
Cell phone use should be limited to private areas and talking on cell phones is not permitted in the dining areas. 

The cooperation and compliance of all members and guests is expected and appreciated.